ITGS is not like any other IB subject nor any other IT subject for that matter. It is unique in that the approach to all aspects of ITGS integrates “four” components in the way ITGS is studied and assessed.

Not all parts may be addressed equally all the time, but overall the Triangle is a framework for the way we approach ITGS. It is a way of “thinking” about ITGS.

New Triangle3

Perhaps the “fourth” component is not immediately clear – Stakeholders. They are actually involved in all of the other three components. In every news article where an impact or issue relating to ITGS appears, the Triangle can be used as a framework for further investigation and research. Try it – take any article relating to ITGS and see to what extent you can identify how the article relates to the four components. The Triangle is also a basis for the Project and also for the examinations.

Actually the Application to specified scenarios is the most straightforward. It is the situation in the news article or situation that is being studied.

The IT systems refers to the stakeholders, information technologies, data, processes, policies organized to accomplish specific functions and address specific tasks. In news article issues are often presented that result from irresponsible, unethical or illegal use of IT systems.

Social and ethical significance refers to both ‘impacts’ and ‘issues’. Too often we immediately consider the negative results of a particular IT situation without considering the positive outcomes. ‘Balance’ is a key concept that could also be written along with Social & ethical significance.

Additionally, when we consider issues, it is expected that the ways a particular issue could have been avoided or solved. ITGS solutions also need to be considered as a part of Social and ethical significance. Solutions need to researched, How have others solved similar problems? How effective were their solutions?

Whenever you read an ITGS-related news article, look at it closely by applying the ITGS Triangle.We will look at specific examples in future blogs.