Your DP2 students are probably buried in their books and notes that have I hope multiplied during the course. However often with such a busy practical course students in Design Technology find it difficult to get a good overview of the units they have studied.

When it comes to the final examinations they often feel overwhelmed and confused – so I find an easy way to get all students to visualise the course is to use Mindmaps. This can be a group activity – and I often suggest that students get together during their study weeks and before the examinations and in groups produce mindmaps for each unit.

This can be done electronically or just simply with a few markers and large sheets of paper and card.

If you want to go the electronic route – I always suggest using Mindmeister one of my favourite online tools. There are many others – go and check out this review of 10 different tools.

Below are some examples covering the HL and SL core definitions and also a student example on the Unit Sustainable Development – although I think these are a little general they give you a great idea but it is important to remember the most important thing about mindmaps for students is in the process of them producing them –