Thank you to all the students who attended our first Live Stream Exam Revision course in April! The course was a huge success with 98% of our students saying they would recommend the course to a friend, and all said they felt more confident to approach their IB exams in that subject.

Here are some of the other successes we are pleased to share with you:

  • 81% of students strongly agreed or agreed that the courses gave them what they need and feel more prepared for the IB Diploma exams.
  • We asked our students before and after the course, out of 10 (10 being very confident), how confident they felt about their subject. Prior to the course, the average score was 5.16 but after the course the confidence level grew to 7.34.

I want to thank the teacher as now after having completed the OSC course, I feel more confident in topics that I was struggling in, like for example genetics. Thank you for helping me clarify some topics or points that I really had trouble with.

I would like to say thank you very much once more for this amazing revision course. We really went through all aspects of the course that I had hoped for, and it was extremely beneficial for me and my studying. I will definitely recommend this course to other people, as it was amazing.

Discover our new courses this summer!

As we approach the end of the school year, we know that 2021 continues to bring exceptional challenges to all schools and students. Aside from the uncertainties that DP2 students have faced in the past eighteen months, younger IB students may also have faced disruptions to their learning.

After the success of our Live Stream Exam Revision course, we are pleased to announce that we are offering Live Stream courses in July 2021 for Mid-IB and Pre-IB students.

Many of these younger students often feel like they aren’t as well-prepared academically for next year as they would like, due to the COVID-19 uncertainties that have affected their families, their schools and their own personal well-being. Others would benefit from a summer “top-up” in particular subjects. Pre-IB students may not have had as much experience in mathematics, or in the writing and personal study strategies that will equip them to flourish in their IBDP assessments and examinations.

Register via OSC Home on ManageBac!

If any of your students are feeling this way, OSC Courses will offer an affordable summer option:

  • Find out more about our Mid-IB Course
    • Subjects: Mathematics A&I, Mathematics A&A, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics
  • Find out more about our Pre-IB Course
    • Fundamental mathematics: develop confidence in your mathematical skills and understanding, prior to beginning either IBDP Mathematics A&I or Mathematics A&A
    • English for the IBDP: develop confidence in producing the level of written work expected in IB Diploma subjects, TOK, CAS and the Extended Essay, plus effective note-taking and daily revision strategies to cope with the challenging Diploma Programme.

With platforms familiar to most IB students—Zoom and ManageBac—students can engage with OSC’s expert IB teachers who can help them fill any knowledge gaps and develop the skills to make a strong start next year.