Assuming you might have a bit a breathing and reflection time as the New Year begins,  you might find this article, which you can access online through the 6 free articles offered by JSTOR, relevant to what you are doing in your classroom.  We all, I think, use film versions of literary works for one purpose or another in our explorations of texts.  Some of you may currently have students offering their IOPs on cinematic adaptations of works they have studied in the syllabus.

I found this article by Ian Balfour in the MLA journal a number of years ago (2010) and think it offers a sensible and accessible comment on the business of adapting literature to film.  I hope you might find it useful as well: ‘Adapting to the Image and Resisting It:  On Filming Literature and a Possible World for Literary Studies.’  You might give it a look, and perhaps find his discussion of Kubrick’s The Shining provocative.

And I’m adding a poem–a gift for the New Year?–for no other reason than that I thought you might be as taken with it as I was, for its melding of the worlds of science and art, for its interesting form.