IMG_2802If you’re sitting for your May session IB exams then no doubt you’re in the position of making final adjustments and preparations for your own “IB T0-Do List”.

Internal assessments? Done. TOK essay? Check. Extended essay? Thank God it’s over?

CAS Journals – TBC – To Be Collected? As you prepare your CAS journals, diaries, reflections or essays for collection by your CAS Coordinators I offer you 2 invitations.

Firstly, I invite you to read an interview and report from IB Global News about an IB CAS peer – Danike de Jager from Westwood International School as she highlights very real legacies from her CAS project.

Danike enabled primary school students to collaborate with the DP students at her own school as well as the International School of Stockholm to raise funds for the monitoring and protection of an endangered species – the Black Rhino.

But her project wasn’t just about raising awareness and money. She created a project that would be sustained by her own school community to create a long lasting difference and change the attitude of youth towards conservation. You can also read more about the Khama Rhino Sanctuary in Botswana.

Next, I urge you to do a “copy-paste” of the template in her attached interview. That is, take these 3 questions posed to her :-

1. What did you enjoy most about completing your CAS project?

2. What did you hope to accomplish through this project?

3. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Apply these questions to yourself and  your own CAS program or project.

Write a paragraph for each question as you make your own self-evaluation of your CAS that will be complemented by photos or visual evidence that you’ve collected.

Your one page report will make a clear reference to the legacy of your own CAS program.