At the Association for Science Education’s Annual Conference, Sir David Attenborough spoke of the importance of studying the natural world.

“there can hardly be anything more important than for …children to develop a respect and fascination for the natural world. Human beings are totally dependent on the natural world for what we eat, the air we breathe and even for our own sanity (aesthetics)”

Sir David, wildlife producer Sharmila Choudhury  together with David Millington, a teacher from Westbury Park Primary School, Bristol have  produced an index that links wildlife clips from David Attenboroughs Life on Land Encyclopedia (a box set of DVD’s that include Life in the Undergrowth, Life of Birds, Life of Mammals etc) to all the natural history related topics that fall within both the primary and secondary science and geography curricula.

The index is free and can be downloaded from the following link: Life on Land.

Simply scroll down to find the index. The index matches the UK curricula but is applicable to others including the Biology DP.