On first glance this is an impressive action poster for the new film “Cowboys and Aliens”, but it immediately caused me to take out my camera and capture this image.

It is an excellent example of how Project planning, implementation and testing were not followed through in the product development. At any of these stages the problem that the titles and the image are mis-matched should have been detected and corrected. The names are not aligned with the actors.

A single poster does not provide sufficient opportunity for complexity and demonstrating a range of skills for an ITGS project. However, a series of posters using different complex techniques could be developed and combined into one product. For example, a website can be created with a webpage displaying a web-friendly version of each poster and a downloadable A3 pdf version of the poster. A description can also be included. The website in this case is the “container” for the posters. There is the possibility that the way that the images open on the webpages and also the techniques used in developing the posters both contribute to the complexity in the ITGS product.

Professional-looking posters can be developed for a range of clients in a school and be printed locally at commercial print shops. Some examples include:

  • promotion posters for the school librarian
  • website with posters promoting a reading compaign. Each poster shows a teacher holding their favorite book with the appropriate props and setting demonstrating the book and with the caption ‘READ’. (see Project 2 in the OCC Project – Special Event).
  • advertising posters for the drama teacher
  • website with posters  for a forth-coming school theatre production with images from the dress rehersal.