The pages of your journal or workbook document the development of your ideas and help the creative process. I love pages, the process, the growing ideas and the mistakes – yes, I love the mistakes. The mistakes show your struggle, they let readers see the directions you were thinking of going in, they are evidence of the ideas that we otherwise would not know about…



Within the IB Diploma Programme visual arts course we currently have an INVESTIGATION WORKBOOK.

In a few months’ time for students taking the NEW course this will morph into a VISUAL ARTS JOURNAL.

But the contents and values of both workbook and journal are similar, there are many overlaps and the many of the pages of the journal could look more or less identical to many of the pages of the workbook.

Throughout the NEW course students at both SL and HL will maintain a visual arts journal.

The aim of the visual arts journal is to support and nurture the acquisition of skills and ideas, to record developments,


and to critique challenges and successes. It’s important to remember that it’s much MORE than  a sketchbook which might just be purely visual.

We want to READ your thoughts, explanations, ideas, reflections etc.

Much of the written work submitted for the assessment tasks at the end of the course will have evolved and been drawn from the contents of the visual arts journal.

The journal is a fundamental activity of the course.

The journal is a record of the two years of study and should be used to document things like the development of art-making skills and techniques

  • experiments with media and technologies
  • your personal reflections
  • your responses to first-hand observations
  • creative ideas for exploration and development
  • your evaluations of art practices and art-making experiences
  • your responses to diverse stimuli and to artists and their works
  • detailed evaluations and critical analysis
  • records of valued feedback receivedIMG_9846
  • challenges you have faced and your achievements.

You (students) should find the most appropriate ways of recording your development and have free choice in deciding what form the visual arts journal should take.

The workbook/journal is GREAT!

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Pages are all from Brittany’s workbook – many thanks, Brittany

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