As teachers we are constantly put under pressure from the school community to remain current (or ahead of the game) when it comes to implementing technology into our classroom to deliver our biology curriculum. This brings with it many issues and one way to address these can be to establish a Professional learning network. One easy way to do this can be through the International Society for Technology in Education. To subscribe to the ISTE youtube channel go HERE.

[youtube id=”nJiFHKEnIzY”]

The organisation has “passionate educators, leaders and experts who are committed to expanding the horizons of education technology”.

To become a member of the ISTE go to their website. Here you will find numerous resources that are designed to support learning with technology.

Another place to go for technology support is the Learning Revolution Project. header8

Their blog topics includes issues such as:

And I feel compelled to finish with a fun quiz based website called kahoot! which has students repeatedly engrossed and asking for all your quizzes to be made this way. Beware that the excitement in your classroom will skyrocket as your students work through the questions you have created.