Hi DT Students,

I hope all is going well for you in the new Academic Year. As always hear is one of those ‘inspiration’ posts which I hope enables you to get beyond some of the more mundane study of content and units in the DT syllabus. Remember Design Technology is one of the most exciting subjects and involves creativity and innovation – and guess what the only way to be creative and innovative is to get inspired by some amazing design ideas like the ones below :-

  1. How to solve a pollution problem – make 80 million polyethylene plastic balls and release them into reservoirs? Hmm sounds like you are creating a pollution problem doing this – so a great story of a simple idea and design but is it the right one?
  2. Have you heard of the Bauhaus? Hopefully, if you have done the classic design unit by now. Well here are some fabulous architectural designs for their new campus – incredible inspiring.
  3. Imagine designing a low cost prosthetic hand that can change the lives of millions of people – well check out this story of the winner of Dyson’s award this year for design innovation…

The wait time for a custom-fit prosthetic device can be weeks or months,” Gibbard says about his robotic hand. He will charge £2,000 ($3,157) for them, while similar hands can cost up to £60,000.

Hopefully at least one of the above stories has inspired you and maybe one of your design projects this year. Remember it is all possible!