Well to start off the series of “Inspired by Design” focused posts – watch the video below which highlights the long and varied history of Herman Miller a design company that was started would you believe in 1905 – that is 108 years ago! Have you heard of them before – probably not – but do you recognise any of the furniture that they have been involved in supporting the design and manufacture. Do you recognise any famous designers they have worked with?

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a7S2yRaEQg’]


If you go to their website – http://www.hermanmiller.com, why not search in the Design Resources, Product Downloads for the name Eames. Do you see any chairs that you find familiar – that are considered classic?

The example image shown is one of many chairs the Eames designers produced and they are definitely worth researching further for inspiration. Many of their designs were at the forefront of manufacturing and material technology including use of moulded ply and moulded fibre-glass. You may not think that a process as complicated as moulding ply could be open to you and your designs – however head over to this Make / Instructables article for ideas of how to make a moulded plywood design – shelf.

The website also has excellent other resources that you wish to look through and utilise. Maybe if you are a DP2 student this site would be excellent research for your Major Project in terms of materials, ergonomics or simply design inspiration?