Thinkers. I hope that as a teacher we do a lot of thinking.

‘How could I tailor this concept to be assessed for IA?’

‘How could I teach the concepts of systematic and random errors so that my students fully understand it?!’

‘Why is Kc x [H2O] a constant value?’

And so on …..

But what I hope we all do is inspire our students to think the same way, to challenge themselves with what they curently know and to question us about what they are unsure of and, perhaps more importantly, to question what they already know. That is true thinking.

I also like my students to identify a ‘thinking zone’ – somewhere they can go to do their thinking. Not the thinking about answers to homework though, real thinking, thinking outside of the box.

My ‘thinking zone’ is next to the sink in my house (where is yours?!) – I seem to get most of my good ideas when I am washing the dishes! Perhaps that’s why my wife keeps giving me them to wash. At least, that’s what I like to think! :mrgreen: