Before I start – the answer to yesterdays cryptic crosswork clue was:


…. ‘FEMALE’ of course!

If you are teaching the first year of IB, chances are, you will have started the bonding topic.

To help you with your teaching, here is a powerpoint that covers bonding. It is aimed at the UK A level audience but has some great teaching ppoints that are relevant to IB.

The powerpoint can be accessed here:


Please note that this powerpoint has come from the following website: – the website clearly states that ‘Resources on this site are for personal use only and not for financial gain. You may use these resources for personal use without seeking permission, but they, or the artwork therein, may not be revised or circulated in any other form without the consent of Knockhardy Publishing.’

I have uploaded this file in the spirit of this notice for the purpose of sharing a very good resource. If there is, therefore, a problem with the uploading of the powerpoint file, please contact me and I will remove the blog posting.