I picked up the link to this video on the PYP Exchange page on Facebook:


If you follow the suggestion in the video, and go to the film’s page, www.iameleven.com, you’ll discover that it was made by an Australian:

“Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey set off around the world to produce this documentary feature film and online project.

I AM ELEVEN is a life-affirming global portrait of humanity at a crucial age – no longer children, not quite adults, preparing to inherit a world changing as quickly and dramatically as they are. This documentary focuses on a series of eleven-year-olds from 15 countries, each speaking in their own words and revealing the private obsessions and public concerns that animate their lives. It is simultaneously an epic survey of the similarities and distinctions between cultures and an intimate account of these young personalities finding their way in the world today.”

The project has a blog, and has already won several awards.

I wonder what other upper PYP-aged students think of what the children are saying in this video?