Human physiology represents a significant portion of the Diploma syllabus and so I would like to share two resources that may help with any possible route of inquiry you may have:

is an amazing website that allows you to work through each of the organ systems that you study, providing text both on the body system and on each and every significant tissue / organ within the system. Innerbody is your interactive guide to the complex human system and all its inner workings. Though it focusses more on the anatomy than teaches the functioning of each part (such as the movement of nerve impulses or how the myosin / actin fibres cause contraction), it will help provide an added dimension and sense of reality to your learning.

For some time now I have been using ‘zygotebody’ in my classes to show the relative structure and location of the internal organs of the body. I like the search function for an organ and the way it allows me to rotate the body and see the organs / system from differing perspectives and even zoom in to the body itself, It does not have the information / text that ‘innerbody’ does, however, it does have the 3D fun elements that are lacking in

And to take the topic of anatomy further, check out the following video series on Youtube. The videos come with a warning that they are from a series of lectures provided by Dr. Gunther von Hagens (Bodyworlds fame). He dissects human cadavers in front of a TV audience as part of a series of lectures. Some of the images may cause offence or discomfort. For others they provide a fascinating and informative journey through the workings of the human body.


Human Physiology syllabus points

6.1 Digestion

6.2 The transport system

6.3 Defence against infectious disease / 11.1 Defence against infectious disease

6.4 Gas exchange

6.5 Nerves, hormones and homeostasis

6.6 Reproduction / 11.4 Reproduction

11.2 Muscles and movement

11.3 The kidney