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Our Maths video authors

Our Maths videos are created by IB teachers and examiners with years of experience teaching the IB. Here’s some more information on one of our amazing Maths video authors, David Rops.

David Rops

  • IB Mathematics Teacher
  • 20 years’ experience teaching the IB
  • 99.7% exam success rate

David has been teaching Mathematics for 20 years. He has taught Mathematics in the Dominican Republic, Singapore and most recently in Germany since 2010. He has previously taught Advanced Placement Calculus and Statistics. David currently teaches IB HL and SL Mathematics at the Munich International School.

Of the 600 students he has taught to take the IB and AP exams 598 have passed; an astounding 99.7% success rate. David believes in enhancing student achievement and understanding by including videos and other technologies into the Mathematics classroom.


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