Happy New Year to all IB Design Technology Students,

Are you looking forward to getting back to school at the beginning of next week, NO – why not I ask? If not it is time to get yourself inspired especially for the upcoming year of your studies in Design and Technology. BUT HOW you ask?

Well have a look at the links below at what some of the most important blogs and design websites have listed as the most innovative or best designs in 2013. Yes I know you have looked at the top ten of music for 2013 – so why not have a look you will be amazed at the creativity of such designs – and in can also help you if you use these lists and sites to do the following exercises or help with your upcoming design challenges :-

I hope these links have inspired you – remember the world of design and technology is an exciting and vibrant one. So when you get bogged down in your studies this year think back to some of these ideas to inspire YOU!