Lucy w HNY stick

Happy New year everyone!

And yes – it’s a new start and a new year, but it’s also the end for some things, including the current visual arts course (final exams 2015) and in particular the B option, which does not figure in the new course.still life 1

If you are a student now in your first year of DP visual arts, you are also among the last students to have the A or B choice. (The only choice in the new course will be Higher Level or Standard, which is not quite the same).

I’ve got a couple of students already expressing interest in grade 11 and a couple of grade 12s signed up and registered. It’s never been a very popular option (in fact quite unpopular) but my students have usually done quite well, probably because I’m fairly enthusiastic about investigation and my students respond with some fantastic pages

Do you like the investigation workbook?

Do you think your workbook pages are generally stronger than your studio work?

If the answer to these two questions is YES then (unless you are already register as a ‘B’ candidate) you should talk to your teacher about switching from A to B. Even if you are in your final year and your exhibition is in March it’s not too late – your DP Coordinator can still update your registration details through the IBIS website.

Of course just liking the book isn’t enough; you need to do the things the examiner wants to see, such asSam Walsh

  • analysing and comparing art from different cultures and times, and considering it for its function and significance,
  • presenting the work “effectively and creatively”, and
  • demonstrating  a close relationship between investigation and studio.

The Option B HL Investigation assessment criteria are slightly more demanding that the option A HL investigation assessment criteria so it might need a few strategic discussions.

Either way, I’m glad that since 2009 there has been the option to get more marks for this component. As far as I know it doesn’t happen in any other Diploma subject: visual arts students are the only ones who can decide how they want to get their marks.

And having had regular success with option B, I’m a supporter, and I have enjoyed giving students the choice and explaining the implications (the idea of submitting more pages can be an exciting one if you already have a few strong workbooks).

Option B was (for some) a great opportunity while it lasted, but- for those students who have not yet started the course but like workbooks and/or like to explore and investigate art as well as (and as part of) making it – all is not lost.b2 uglow

In the new course there is the Comparative Study and the Process Portfolio – which both have some elements that are comparable to the old investigation workbook – things like

  • examining and comparing artworks by different artists and contrasting contexts,
  • investigating artists and artworks,
  • explaining how these investigations have informed and influenced art-making and
  • making your pages/screens visually interesting and engaging.

So tell your friends in grade 10 to sign up now for the new and improved DP visual arts course!

(Photos show my Labrador wishing you Happy New Year and some investigation pages from previous students)