Looking back at my blog from November 2016, there appears to have been an upward trend in the number and variety of Foundation Programmes on offer.  The general rules remain the same as in the 2016 blog, but here I will give you some further examples of who are offering these programmes in the UK.

N.B. For all courses, please do check which ones are open to International and which ones are open to Home/EU students. Some are open to both, some not.

The INTEGRATED Foundation Programmes (1st year or Year 0 of a 4 year degree) and Foundation Degrees (1st 2 years of a degree to which you can add a Top-Up year) serve students who have studied hard but either not reached the required grades or who do not have the profile for direct entry onto the Bachelor course.

Plus there are plenty of International Foundation Programmes available, generally for international students – check out the dedicated International pages on university websites or contact their International Admissions’ Teams.

There are also private Foundation programme providers, companies who have developed direct progression links to degree courses at universities.

Below I have listed a few examples of some of the courses and providers out there.  There are so many more – I just do not have space to include them all.  I suggest that you begin your search on your preferred university websites to see if they offer the Foundation course that you are looking for. You can also attend University Fairs at your school or at local events and don’t forget to check-in with your University Advisor/College Counsellor to see what information they have for you.

Some examples of Universities offering their own Integrated Foundation Programmes 

University of Birmingham (mixture of Foundation programmes)

University of Brunel (International students)

University of Brunel (Foundation courses)

University College London (Two streams: 1. Humanities and 2. Science & Engineering)

University of East London (Scroll through the list to find all the Foundation course)

University of Edinburgh  (International student programme)

Goldsmiths London(International Foundation Certificates)

Goldsmiths London (Integrated degrees – scroll down to the bottom of the list)

Keele University  (Separate Foundations for International students and Home/EU students)

University of Kent (International and Integrated Foundation programmes)

Kingston University London (Mixture of Foundation programmes)

Middlesex University (Click on F for Foundation)

University of Nottingham

Nottingham Trent University (Mixture of Foundation programmes)

University of Plymouth

University of Roehampton London (Called: Extended degrees)

University of Southampton

UCAS links to Foundation Degrees (2 year programmes to which you can add a 3rd year, called a Top-Up year, to gain a full B.A. or B.Sc.)

UCAS general information

UCAS (Click on the filters Undergraduate; Full-Time; Foundation Degree) on the left-hand side of the APPLY page)

Corporate Providers of Foundation programmes

INTO (With direct links to a number of UK & USA Universities and their degree programmes)

Bellerby’s College  (with conditional progression to a limited number of universities in the UK & USA)

Kaplan (With direct links to a number of universities in the UK and a limited number in the USA & Australia)

Study Group (With direct links to a number of universities in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand & Australia)