Over the next couple of weeks I will focus on food chemistry. Food chemistry one of the options at IB level. It is actually option F (for food?! 😉 ). However, from my experience as an examiner of paper 3 it does not seem to be that widely taught.

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The blog postings will not follow the syllabus in  a word for word fashion, but there will certainly be some areas in which they overlap.

This week (and some of next week) we will begin looking at the vitamins and then we will look at minerals.

Each blog posting will aim to give you a bit sized amount of food chemistry to see you through the day!

Tomorrows posting will start with an introduction to vitamins, but as a way of getting the ball rolling, see if you can answer this simple question:

What is a vitamin?

You may post your answers below and it would be good to read what your thoughts are…..