Layla Moran, an OSC Academic Manager and IB Maths and Physics teacher, imparts her advice by giving you her top five Physics tips to help you get through your exams.

1. Definitions

Learn your definitions. Look through the syllabus and highlight every time it says ‘define’. Then find a recent past paper question that has that word or command in it and not the answer in the mark scheme. Making a list like this a brilliant exercise and is an easy source of points.

2. Mind Maps

Make a mind map of a topic. A mind map just shows how things are connected. Write down the key words and draw lines between ones that have a concept of variable in common. Making these connections is the key to tackling those long questions in paper 2.

3. Annotate your data booklet

Are you sure you know what all those symbols mean? What are the units?

4. Annotate your syllabus

Print off a clean copy of your syllabus and write brief notes on each part in the margins. This is a great exercise to consolidate what you know and make you feel more confident in what you do.

5. Answer all of the questions

In the exam, never leave a question blank, especially in Paper 1! Try your absolute best to get something down, take time to think and if it means going back to the question, go back. Your subconcious will continue to think.

Good luck!