You can never have too many study tips. We have already given you some fantastic advice on how to engage your brain whilst studying, however, from my personal experience as an IB alumnus, I would like to share some of my own top tips to help you get ahead with your studies during the festive holidays.


Over the next few weeks, all you want to do is curl up and enjoy some family movies; but instead, you’re looking at being stuck in your room writing up Internal Assessments, your Extended Essay and prepping for exams. Here’s what can you do to make the most of your holidays.


Start planning

First and foremost, get your best highlighters and sticky notes out! The key to having a great and productive break is planning. A couple of weeks before the holidays sit down and draw up a plan day by day. It might seem monotonous but trust me, syphoning off your time hour by hour ensures you are efficient. And when I say plan, I don’t just mean for the 3 week break – I mean for the rest of the year. Submitting your work and sorting out a revision timetable as soon as possible can be a lifesaver; regardless of what anyone says last minute cramming DOES NOT WORK!

I know what you are thinking – I wish I had a calendar to help me make the most of my planning. Look no further, OSC’s academic wall planner is your new best friend! Download your free copy below or email us at [email protected] for a hard copy for your bedroom wall.


2 - Festive study time (2)



Goals – what are yours?

Once you have planned your time, devise some goals for yourself. What do you want to achieve in the time period – it could be as simple as writing up notes or completing a quiz. Having goals helps you keep on track and stick to your well thought out plans. Don’t forget to reward yourself with little prizes when you achieve a goal – your favourite chocolate bar or a mince pie can be more of a motivation than you think!



Finally and most importantly – RELAX! The festive break is there to work, yes, but it is also there to have a break from school and enjoy family time. On your days off make the most of it. Downtime is just as important as work; you won’t increase your grades by working excessively without a break. Most importantly, enjoy the rest of term and have a fabulous break!


Emily Price

Emily Price works in the Marketing Team at OSC’s head office. She focuses on developing long-term relationships with IB schools. She has had an international lifestyle – living across both the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa. After completing the IB Diploma in South Africa, she returned to the UK to study Geography and has recently completed her Masters at University of Cambridge specialising in international education in developing countries.