One problem students often have is that they get so busy that they end up not reading around any of their IB subjects and this is often to the detriment of a specific subject. It is strangely most true of Design Technology – as we all know trying to design in a vacuum is almost impossible and to be honest in this day and age almost reprehensible when you consider the amount of information so readily accessible. However all that information does lead our students to information overload so I often show students ways of getting information pushed to them rather than having to go out and collect information.

One way of doing this is to use a Feed Aggregator like Google Reeder to save all your feeds – simply click on the feed button Feed Symbol on a specific website and input this into Google Reader.


Then create a bundle and share this with your students either in a weblog, on a wiki or just via email. They will be able to go to this link and either join your feed or simply pop back and look when they feel like. Very simple obviously choosing some great feeds is important – and making sure that students are regularly reminded of the advantages of using these – I often as a class starter look at the latest feeds or ask some questions about a specific design, product or article that has caught my attention.

The bundle I created above is at this URL – so go and have a look and maybe think about creating your own for next year – Design Inspiration.