In the student lobe of these blogs, I’ve just posted on a recent controversy that could engage students in TOK discussions on symbolic representation and cultural perspectives.  What are they “saying” as they wear certain symbols, such as the tee-shirt design that juxtaposed a skull and triangles that could be interpreted as a star of David?  The department store H&M made a public apology as it withdrew the tee-shirt.  I won’t repeat here what I wrote for students, but you may well want to hop across to that post  for a commentary and a couple of thought games on symbolism and meaning.  (I recall the family discussion some years ago when my teenage son was about to wear a swastika to school because it was “cool”. We had an intense conversation…and he did NOT wear it.  At the time he had appalling ignorance of history…but perhaps was sufficiently aware to know how to provoke his parents!)