What did we all think to Paper 1 this year – some have suggested a little more difficult than usual. But often it is in the way these questions are worded and as usual it can be very tricky for students to carefully think through and logically answer these questions. I always make sure that for exam technique in multiple choice questions that students do go through the process of crossing out those that they know are incorrect in order – even if the answer at first seems obvious to them.

Many questions really need the students to think through carefully the answer and one thing I always tell my students is to make sure they read the questions underlining specific key words – and then make sure to fully think through the picture as there is always a reason for that picture. So for example the lamp question which showed a spindly lamp which was top heavy gave big hints to the property needed for the lamp base material – Density. Similiarly the Ribbon rocking chair question involved the same sort of logical thinking.

One thing that always is important when you speak to students – is to emphasise that everything does come from the syllabus which sometimes can seem to be never ending to many. Take the example of types of glue – how many had discussed, used or taught that Cascamite (note this site – Technology Student is a great resource in general) is a waterproof wood glue used in furniture construction mainly.

Did any questions cause your students particular concern?

Remember to always log onto the OCC and fill in a G2 form – to comment both good and bad on each paper (note if you ask your IB Coordinator they will also have a link to the webform.) It is very worth it and the IB examining team will always take notice of comments.