So after two years of application to biology, today you (or your students) discover how successful you (they) have been in the May 2012 biology examinations. Congratulations to all for your outstanding achievements in getting to this point.

Here are some links / attachments that can help us reflect as teachers (or students) on the process that has taken us to today, and also through looking at previous years grades, allow us to put into context our achievements and accomplishments.

The first is an overview of the diploma programme assessment process. A simplistic and general set of guidelines / explanations.

Whereas this takes you directly to the statistical bulletin for examinations completed in May 2011 (a little too early for this year). and you can also look at previous years stats too. It has a host of useful stats on such things as numbers of schools to numbers of countries to numbers of students registered to pass rates and analysis of examination results by subject and level.

At this juncture of reflection I thought I would also post a (Biology questionnaire analysis April 2011) document I located on the OCC that posts responses from teachers on a variety of issues relating specifically to the biology programme.

Best wishes