Hi DT Students,

Another year is about to start and for DP2 you are over 2/3 of the way through your course, and for DP1 just starting the exciting journey.

I thought I would start the year with an interesting story – about one of my favourite designers – James Dyson. Yes you have heard many stories and articles about him before but often it is always about his successes. Well as every designer knows for every success there are often many failures and prototypes that do not get off the ground. One of these was the Dyson Halo as described below :-

“The Dyson Halo was a virtual reality headset whose prototype was first dreamed up in 2001. However, it never made it off the ground and the project was canned in 2004, freeing up inventors to focus on marketing Dyson in the U.S.”

So can you believe being 12 years before your time. What do you think stopped this from being a success? Maybe the technology – similar to the initial iPAD Apple deign known as the Newton which never made it big.

Anyway I hope this has heartened you this year – to realise from every failure in design there probably comes success even if that is in 12 years time!