Well those exams are long over – and there is only one more May examination based off the old syllabus to go. So what were your thoughts on the exam papers? Here is a quick selection of mine without giving the game away for any students listening in :-

Paper 1

– Nothing specific to comment about – and thought the case study questions to the end were very fair

Paper 2

iPAD Question – good solid question that should work well for students with a good range of questions

Flat Pack Assembly Question – another good question

Blow Moulding Question – another time they have picked one process and students need to understand this proocess in detail – including the use of the mandrel – which I believe is quite tricky

Micro Turbine Question – Another good question which students should be able to work with

Stress/Strain Graph Question – An area of the syllabus that students do struggle with – but if studied and revised for should be fine

SECTION B – Versatile Ladder, Wire Table, Natural House Questions – I believe all were good questions – I would have recommended students choose the Versatile Ladder question although the Natural House as my favourite question regarding Triple Bottom Line Sustainability!

Paper 3

– I can only comment upon the CAD/CAM section as this is the area and focus that I mainly cover. I still believe this is one of the more difficult options and so can see why these are being

– For some reason the 5 axis question comes up again, alongside Select Laser Sintering which are both very specific questions that I imagine a great deal of students will have struggled with. However I thought all the questions from 19 – 21 were very fair – although Question 21 regarding Natural Woods in CNC manufacture may have caught some students out

So overall a reasonable set of exam papers I believe in which students were tested but had if well prepared the chance to receive high grades. Please note the specimen exam papers for the new syllabus are out on the OCC right now – so worth having a look at.