Following up on last month’s post about the suggested option, ‘Literature and Film,’ which focuses on adaptations from text to film, here’s another suggestion for those teaching plays in far-flung places where live theatre is not a matter of easy access. Again, this allows individual students to view the materials on their own time, and allows you to make the best use of class meeting time.

A workshop participant introduced us to ‘Digital Theatre Plus,’ a site not only for viewing productions of plays we are studying, but giving access to supplementary materials like interviews, theoretical considerations and commentary from actors and directors.  This is very rich site, but it doesn’t come for free.  Schools, homeschoolers, and individuals can access the service – for a price. Well worth your consideration, even in the face of stringent budgets. Check out this introductory video (3 minutes):

I did some checking about prices, but you will know better from your own situation what the cost is likely to be.