With school begin is staff  review guidelines and rules and how they will present these to students. Digital Citizenship is a topic that begins in kindergarten and extends throughout the school. It must be put into context and daily practice. Waiting to address Digital Citizenship in an ITGS class is simply too late.

A most successful approach to promoting Digital Citizenship is by having students write the guidelines in language that they understand. The result of one such project shows the rules as interpreted by Grade 8 students (Flatclassroom Projects) and promoted with other fellow students.

Project from Digiteen (http://digiteen.wikispaces.com/Action+Vienna+International+School)

The entire school community (administrators, teachers, students and parents) needs to be involved in promoting the responsible, ethical and legal uses of digital resources througout the school and at home. Waiting until grade 11/12 is too late.

For additional information regarding Digital Citizenship and related global collaborative projects for students:

Digital Citizenship by Mike Ribble (http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/)

Flatclassroom Projects – Digiteen (http://www.flatclassroomproject.net/ and http://www.digiteen.org/)