The SAMR model was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. This four-stage approach for integrating technology in the classroom has been adopted by many major educational bodies including the Maine Learning Technology Initiative. Dr. Ruben Puentedura describes the SAMR model  as follows:
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A good overview of the four stages mentioned in the video can be found on Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s blog. Note the ‘transformation’ is only involved at the Modification and Redefinition levels.

SAMR model

It is apparent that Bloom’s Taxonomy is directly related to the four stages in the SAMR model. The links between the two are demonstated in the following graphic.
This model actually could reflect the integration of technologies from the mid-80’s onwards. There was technology available in schools and all of the stages of the model could be achieved with the technologies that were available at the time.
However, it is the availability of mobile technologies and apps that makes integrating technology using the SAMR model even more feasible. The following  charts demonstrate how apps relate to the SAMR model and to Bloom’s taxonomy.
The Padagogy Wheel v3.0 by Allan Carrington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
This diagram contains a volume of information. However, it is important to note the significance of the circles moving from the inner circle to the outer edge. Note inner two circles relate to Bloom’s Taxonomy and Action Verbs. The next circle indicates the kinds of Activities using IT in the classroom that would relate to Bloom’s Taxonomy and to the four stages in the SAMR model on the outer circle. The fourth circle then indicates which iPad apps would connect the Activities.
DOWNLOAD a full poster of the Padagogy Wheel V3.0 in Acrobat PDF format. All the Apps are linked to their iTunes preview pages. It also prints well as an A3 poster with QR Codes linking back to the blog entry and Youtube Video. Allan Carrington encourages it to be print out for use in your school. (
However, the story is not complete. The  SPECIFIC details are missing. What Learning Activities and what technologies are used to successfully integrate technologies in IB Classrooms? The following chart is simple and it attempts to provide examples of how this can be achieved for specific class tasks. Many types of class tasks and details are missing. For example, taking notes while watching a video can be collaborative using backchanneling tools such as TodaysMeet. What we need is an expanded version of this chart for every  grade level and every subject linked to lessons that integrate the technology seamlessly into learning activities.


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