Another year is almost over and it would be remiss of me not to post a final Dyson focused article of the year as yet again he can be an excellent inspiration to all IB DT Diploma students. However to begin with I came across another inspiring designer who like Dyson had for many years produced 100’s of prototypes before he came across a design that given time would become a design classic:-

“I threw more than 200 prototypes out of a bathroom window”

Can you guess who -it is Kikuo Ibe the designer behind the G-Shock watches. He is not universally known but here is a great article regarding him and his story of perseverance in design.

SO what was Dyson up to this year – well as usual he is taking it upon himself to support students in education – and after supporting Imperial and Design Engineeringhe is looking to open up his own Design school. Worth flagging this up with your talented Design students in DP1 as supposedly it opens in September 2017 with 25 places?

The James Dyson design award went to another simple but clever design for a foldable cycle helmet – a great idea and makes me wonder if this could not be developed for motorcycle helmets too. After being in Asia and Thailand a few times this year – and seeing the number of motorcyclists without helmets it could be the very thing to develop further – especially at only $5 a helmet. Great to see a young female designer receiving the award!

Finally yet more stories of constructive discontent from some designers this time in Singapore – it took them 8 years to perfect their automatic roti maker!