If you’re a CAS Coordinator and you’re supervising students who are applying to enter college or university, then I recommend that you keep reading.

In a recent blog post, the editor of “Student Advisor” – Dean Tsouvalas, recommends students to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to their advantage in the application and admission race.

“Students who are preparing their college applications also can post a video resume on YouTube or blog about volunteering efforts or other extracurricular activities and provide a link on their applications.”

The headlines of two recent reports – “Facebook, Twitter play role in college admissions” and “Facebook Profiles Are Now Part Of 80% Colleges’ Admissions Outreach” highlight this CAS – College ‘connect’.

Show this link to your CAS students. There’s a positive message in this news and there’s an implicit warning on the negative side.

However there is a very clear “CAS – College” bridge too.

When CAS students share their CAS activities in social media like Facebook, and Twitter, and when they post their CAS photos, YouTube, reflections, and evaluations into wikis and blogs, and into a program like managebac, then there’s an obvious “CAS – College” advantage that these students have got going for themselves.

Can you help your CAS students to make this ‘connect’ work for them too?