ITGS is a dynamic subject and this is evident in news-breaking stories everyday. News items seem fall into several categories some of which evolve over time. News items can be:

  • one off occurrences that are interesting with an immediate impact but no unexpected long range effects
  • part of a bigger puzzle of related issues
  • stories that keep unfolding, become increasing complex and are of value to follow over a longer period of time

Google Glass is one of those topics that hits all of these levels. Google Glass is a new development which looks like glasses but is actually a small head-mounted display that augments reality for the user. At the moment Google Glass is only available to developers and early adopters and has a limited range of apps that is rapidly increasing as more development tools are being provided. For an insight Google Glass: release date, news and features.

Watch Google Video:

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New item: One off occurrence

A California woman who was wearing Google glass while driving and received a driving ticket. She was unaware that wearing Google Glass while driving was illegal in California.

However, this story rapidly lead to further investigations that lead to the next level:

  • How safe is Google Glass for driving?
  • What do other US state laws say about using Google Glass and other mobile technologies while driving?
  • What laws will be enforced regarding Google Glass in other countries?

New item: Evolving part of the puzzle

However, Google Glass is rapidly becoming a news item to follow. One of the features of Google Glass is to capture images and video of live events which could have a significant impact on citizen journalism. One such action event is shown in Google Glass Captures First Fight Arrest (video and article)

Harborview surgeon test-drives Google Glass in the Operating Room demonstrates processes used in surgery. A Harborview Medical Center trauma surgeon, Dr. Heather Evans, is exploring how Google Glass could help make surgery safer and change how medical students learn in the future.

Google Glass comes to law enforcement show how the officers of the Byron Police Department (Georgia, USA) were mongst the approximately 10,000 early testers for Google Glass. A Byron officer made a traffic stop, found the driver to have an outstanding warrant, and arrested her and the video was streamed back to police headquarters.

However, like all new technologies Google Glass has been used for purposes other than for which it has been intended. Professional Glass Porn is Here And Google Can’t Stop It!

Ryan W. Neal in the International Business Times shares Googles policies – Google Glass Ban: 7 Things You Can’t Do With Smart Glasses. Google has also published “Glassware” (developer app) policies to remove the possibility of undesirable apps from being developed for Google glass. Glass Platform Developer Policies

Long Range

The use of Google Glass and the development of Glassware are two sources of news items that will be continuously emerging – especially when Google Glass is released in 2014.  One example of future speculation is Google Glass Prescriptions and Insurance: Google’s Secret Weapon? To what extent will Google Glass become part of our normal eyewear?

A glimpse into the near future is captured in Google’s New Tools Show How Deep Glass Will Embed in Our Lives. One amazing example is Word Lens. With a simple command “Okay, Glass, translate this.”, you can look at a sign written in a foreign language, and the Google Glass app will automatically translate the text and display it. This is one of the futures.

Google Glass is one of those news items started the investigation as a one off occurrence that becaome part of a bigger puzzle and with additional news items that keep unfolding. It is certainly becoming  increasing complex and is value to follow as it becomes a commercial product.

Other articles will follow in this series with direct relevance to developing analysis skills using news articles.