One of the big areas for change,  can be found in the exam structure. I will work through each paper in turn;

Paper 1

A key change is the inclusion of objective 3 questions. The idea being to ask the students to apply knowledge gained, in new situations and for the paper not to be simply factual recall.

The overall weighting of the paper remains at 20% with objectives 1+2 = 10% and objectives 3 = 10%

There is no change to the number of questions for either SL or HL.

Paper 2

One key change is in the reduction of choice of extended free response questions. For HL this will be two from three and SL one from two for SL.

More marks will be awarded for the structured factual recall section, with fewer for the extended free response (15 marks).

Only one mark will now be allocated for the quality of construction for the extended free response.

Paper 3

A key change to the exam structure can be found in paper 3, which will no longer exclusively assess the optional material.

There will be two parts; the first covering core and AHL material with part B covering the options.

Part A has to be answered in its entirety and will include questions based upon experimental skills and techniques with unseen data. This is a new type of data based question.

Part B will include short answer questions based upon unseen data related to the option material. It will also include an extended free response question on the option material. Just to remind, students will only complete one option.

And, as a bit of a requiem to Human Evolution, here are two videos I very much like. Check them out