Your students should enjoy this interactive scenario exploring the issues of harassment in the workplace. Each slide or scenario is created to look like a comic book page. The intention was to create an engaging e-learning experience that is explored by the user, with feedback given based on their experiences without a prescribed path – making decisions, not following steps. Answers to individual scenes direct the next panel.

Supporting the scenario is a blog, which details the instructional design methods employed and the process of developing the comic style panels. If your students follow Broken Co-worker to completion, they will be given feedback intended to provide advice on the issues.

Class Activity

Following the process identified in the supporting blog, divide your class into groups, each selecting a theme from the Marketing or Human Resources section of the Business and Management programme. The group then produces a comic-style storyboard identifying several potential paths through a decision-making process. If your students feel confident enough, they could produce a role play, video or even an interactive scenario mirroring the Broken-Co-Worker interaction.