What impact will BREXIT have on students applying to study in the UK? At this moment in time, and including entry in September 2018, there is a commitment to maintaining current fee levels.  After 2018, well, no-one knows!

According to government announcements the following commitments have been confirmed: In September 2018 fees for EU students studying in England will remain the same (max. GBP9250).  For EU students studying in Scotland there will still be no ‘fee’ (just the usual administration costs of GBP1820).

At the moment, EU students studying in Wales pay up to GBP9000 and in Northern Ireland up to GBP4030

For International students studying in the UK,  the fees are anywhere from GBP10 – 30,000 (depending on the course and institution)

Please take a look on the UKCISA site for your fee status for each of the 4 UK countries: https://www.ukcisa.org.uk/Information–Advice/Fees-and-Money/Home-or-Overseas-fees-the-basics

The UKCISA website quotes the following:


It is our understanding that a number of universities are guaranteeing that fee status will not be reassessed for the duration of the course for those who started in 2016/17, even if the UK leaves the EU before their courses end, and students will continue to be charged the ‘home’/EU rate rather than the higher non-EU rate. You should contact your institution directly to confirm its policy but there is clearly an intention and commitment from institutions to do whatever is in their power to enable as many EU students as possible to continue to study in the UK, in the future.


The announcement on student finance that was made in England in October 2016 also confirmed that EU nationals (and their family members) who start studying in 2017/18, and who are assessed as eligible for loans/grants, will be eligible for ‘home’ fee status for the duration of their study.

Scotland have confirmed that tuition fee support will be provided in the normal way which, we understand, will tie-in with ‘home’ fee status eligibility.

Northern Ireland have confirmed that EU nationals (and their family members) who start studying in 2017/18, and who are assessed as eligible for loans/grants, will be eligible for ‘home’ fee status until they finish their course


In March 2017, Scotland confirmed that “EU nationals choosing to study in Scotland and enrolling in 2018-19 have been guaranteed free tuition for the duration of their entire course”. Again, we understand that this will tie-in with ‘home’ fee status eligibility.

In April 2017, England reconfirmed its position for 2016/17 and 2017/18 (as above), and also confirmed the same funding package for EU students commencing study in 2018/19

EU and International fees can be found on the THE COMPLETE UNIVERSITY GUIDE website:





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