The web is an invaluable resource of expertise and information for your DP programme:

  • The 6 subjects in your DP Programme
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • CAS (Creativity Action Service)
  • Extended Essay

However, in order to keep track of the resources that you find throughout your IB studies, you must:

  • Setup a Diigo account, or other social bookmarking account so that you do not lose your sources
  • Install the Diigo plug-in in your browser so that with one click a resource can be bookmarked and added to a list of topics
  • Develop a tagging system for yourself so that you will be able to search for specific topics later on

These tasks are simple, but must be done to keep the information that you find organized and so that you can search and find your resources later on.

Let’s take the bullet points and look at them with a specific example.

  • First setup a Diigo account and install the Diigo Plug-in for Firefox or for Chrome Extension. Both are straight forward by clicking on the links
  • Next be certain that you are logged into Diigo, otherwise the Bookmark tab will not appear on your browser Toolbar
  • Actually tagging a page is the easy part. However, working out a sensible set of tags so that you can find the information later on is more difficult. Every entry needs to be tagged with the IB component and also with keywords (called ‘tags’) that relate to that component
  • It is helpful if you also Bookmark the entry to one of the topics in your list (i.e. DP_History, Extended_Essay, TOK, etc.)

This video explains how to setup your Diigo account, create lists,  and tag entries.

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For example, the Extended Essay. You may be interested in tagging the website mentioned in the IB Extended Essay Guide (page 11 The Writer’s Handbook Documentation Styles) so that you do not need to keep going back to the Extended Essay guide to find it.

  • Simply go to the website page
  • Highlight an appropriate phrase on the webpage that you would like to capture in the Bookmark
  • Click on the Bookmark link on your browser’s Toobar (i.e. Firefox Toolbar)
  • Enter appropriate tags (ie. EE and citing_sources)
  • Click save

Diigo bookmark

Next post: Power of Bookmarking. In the meantime, you can bookmark both sources that relate to your IB studies and also to your personal interest. The same Diigo account can be used for both.