Where do you record your thoughts about your teaching?  Have you considered using a blog?  Blogs don’t have to be open to the whole world – you can make your blog very private – only viewable by the blog author, i.e., you.

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Using a blogging platform for your reflection enables you to create an easily accessible, richly tagged, linked, illustrated journal of your professional growth, and at the same time lets you become familiar with a tool you might be considering for your students. As Aristotle pointed out, we learn by doing.

In his excellent blog post, The Reflective Teacher: A Taxonomy of Reflection (Part 3), Peter Pappas describes a Bloom’s Taxonomy of reflection which he has developed:

Click this link to read his thoughtful post.

Having thought about what to write, you might want to look at several blogging platforms.

There are several free, popular sites to choose from, and many reviews and comparisons of them to help you choose. You might start with this one: How to choose the best platform for your blog.

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