Although Biomimicry is not set within the Design Technology IB syllabus…I always utilise it as a wonderful way to add inspiration to a specific project as part of a design brief. It hopefully gives students another element within their toolkit when they are starting the design process and can immeasurably to their design process and creativity.

Here are three case studies with videos which really do show the breadth of inspiration that can happen utilising biomimicry: you could utilise these as a simple starter exercise or interweave this into a design brief as examples to get students started. You could even argue that maybe these are more “classic” in design than the definition of “classic design” within the IB syllabus.

You could also show each video and then say what area of design has been inspired – and link to the three terms – form, function and aesthetics?

  • Imagine a Synthetic Pollenizer – that allows plants to artificially reproduce by attaching pollen to the bee’s legs. A fabulously interesting design idea – is this ethically wrong?

  • The Navicula Light – a great design that shows biomimicry can inspire aesthetics, as well as form and function.

Video credits

Vox, via YouTube

Michael Candy, via Vimeo

David Trubridge, via YouTube