Although this work is not on the PLT, you might just want to consider pairing it with Persepolis in Part 1, and including it in Part 4, since the two works could create a more rounded view of growing up in the Middle East.  The leading character is a charming fellow with an unforgettable profile.  The work is originally in French, by Riad Sattouf, and like Persepolis, is published in two volumes with perhaps more to come.

There is a fine article in the New Yorker about the work and the author, which will help in deciding whether if might interest you.

There are also two reviews in the New York Times; the first delivers a bit of the flavor of the graphic style, discussing the first volume.

The second reviews Volume 2, and includes this comment:

“It is certainly possible to enjoy the second volume of Riad Sattouf’s graphic memoir, “The Arab of the Future 2: A Childhood in the Middle East, 1984-1985,” without having read its predecessor. Even without a shard of context, Mr. Sattouf’s story and storytelling would be irresistible.

But there’s little point, really. After reading it, you’re going to feel compelled to read the first volume anyway.”

—Jennifer Senior NYT Oct 19, 2016

So do take a look at these descriptions and see what you think.  It would be nice to see people venture beyond Persepolis.