I have been fascinated by the way that art inspires, influences or informs other art for many years. There are of course many examples of this throughout history, and it goes on today, under a variety of names – re-contextualization, reinterpretation, pastiche, transcription, homage, appropriation, parody etc.

It’s an assignment I occasionally set my students, because it involves things that I think will benefit them – for example, I ask them to to investigate art (usually from different times and cultures), find something that interests them, and then make an accurate study but with a creative twist.

With this fascination in mind I will be mentoring a three week online workshop entitled ‘Artists Using Art’ in February. I am now having fun putting it together, thinking about ways in which this theme can be used in the art room to generate new art that develops in some way from other art.

And we must of course also figure out how the issue of plagiarism fits into all this!

Anyway, if you go to http://www.triplealearning.co.uk/workshops-for-ib-mainmenu-173?controller=course&task=edit&cid=2663&pid=4964 you will get an overview of the contents, and by all means if you are interested – sign up!

See you (virtually) in February!?