This is the first line of the New York magazine article.(March 9, 2015) Weary of repeated imitators and extenders, Annie Proulx sometimes wishes she’d never written Brokeback Mountain.  The fan fiction ‘boom’ which is really nothing new, is ‘reshaping the power dynamic between creators and consumers,’ according to this essay.

Is there a path here for adding some much desired (at least on the part of some) creativity  to the Literature course? The article might well be of interest to you, since it covers quite a lot of variations of this impulse.  Will the new revision committee for the Group 1 courses think about including some creative work in the IB course? Is fan fiction a good direction?

46 websites for best fan fiction‘ suggest fan fiction as a path that will ‘fuel your writing.’  Maybe fan fiction is one possible avenue to take seriously–or is it just a flash in the pan?