The arc of any project lends itself to close analysis.

From the first step planning stage, through active experiential learning, then a culminating event or production, and, finally a reflection, the role of the teacher as mentor and facilitator is crucial.

At each of these stages, CAS advisers and coordinators have special opportunities to witness and assist deep learning and they often need the right ‘tools’ and strategies to do so.

The George Lucas Educational Foundation’s edutopia has a tool kit that sets out the top 10 tips for project based learning (pbl).

It’s worth opening.

In CAS projects, students engage in a challenging, real-world environment. And as a culminating event, students will typically share insights or even products that they have made and information they have learned. Having an audience for these events not only adds motivation but also causes the students to defend or explain their thinking and their actions – logic and ethics.

How do you encourage CAS productions and promote an audience for project based learning for your students?