Depleted global fish stocks represents a focus for C5: Population ecology.

The Gulf of Maine is warming 99% faster than the worlds oceans and is a major contributing factor in the declining cod stocks within that region. Cod is a species adapted to cold water and the increased temperatures  brought about by climate oscillations in the Atlantic and the Pacific have led to an significant decline in the number of fry produced by spawning female cod and fewer are surviving to adulthood.

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simulation of Avril Gulf Tuna  explores the issues related to fishery management strategy  and sustainable fishing practices. You can also review one students analysis HERE, which also doubles as a basic lesson plan.

There is an excellent site HERE from the RUTGERS School of Environment and Biological Sciences that allows you to explore regional and national data relating to a wide variety of fish over a 40 year spread. You can also email to request a download of the data in order to facilitate ones own data analysis. Guidance for the site allows for a deeper analysis.