If you don’t know Maria Popova’s weekly (on Sunday) blog–a sometimes rich and varied one–‘Brain Pickings‘–you might check it out or even subscribe.

The content ranges from various ideas about writing–both yours and your students–to personal development to great illustrators, thinkers, and very often, remarkable childrens’ literature, old favorites and new discoveries.  I can’t say I love it all every week, (nor do I much like its title) but I occasonally find some stimulation and good ideas for reading and teaching. And the author herself is an interesting example of entrepreneurship, that in itself possibly inspiring to you and to your students.  You can find an admiring profile of Maria from the New York Times

You’ll find that she has her share of critics too, as in, for example, GawkerTake it for what it’s worth:  sometimes she unearths some very interesting things.