Blogs are often reflections on the news and have only a contemporary relevance. However, our Triple A Learning blogs are more generic and less time-bound. The blogs started about 18 months ago, but at that time we only covered a few subjects. However, over the last 9 months our subject coverage and ‘readership’ has grown significantly. Indeed, we presently have 23 DP blogs and 10 blogs for MYP. We have received over four million hits on the site since 2010 and with 12,000 to 13,000 new visitors per month our site is in the top 20% of blog sites worldwide (according to data from Technorati). What I want to do at this point is to identify a few of my posts over the last 18 months that you may not have seen, but have as much relevance to the teaching and assessment of the subject now, as when they were written.

Please have a look at these, and other older posts, and feel free to use any of the teaching and assessment ideas they contain! I hope these provide a flavour:

My aim with this blog is to create a vibrant community, where readers feel free to contribute comments or posts. Comments on our blogs have increased noticeably in recent months, and they always help to connect us to you. I would very much welcome some more comments and also more guest posts about your experiences, teaching tips and ideas and … well anything related to Business and Management!    If you would like to contribute one or several posts, please contact me.