Tuesday, March 22 is World Water Day.

Most recently we’ve been galvanized in watching the fearsome power of water in the form a lethal tsunami, but on WWD we are challenged to focus our attention on the importance of freshwater and the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

So let’s start a conversation.

Let’s share resources or activities that we can use to promote awareness and advocacy of this day for our CAS kids. I invite you to share your ideas and post a reply on this blog.

For starters take a look at ‘The Water Footprint’ –http://virtualwater.eu/ There’s access to a poster for your classroom, and an iphone app that encourages simple graphics to depict water consumption.

Spend two bucks to download the app and share it with your CAS communities – your colleagues, advisers, and your students.

Ask them to find ways to use this resource in school and in their own contexts.

Tell me what happens.