Happy New Year to all Design Technology students – I hope you had a great holiday and are ready for the studies ahead whether you are in DP1 and 2. I have been reading a great deal about the competitive world that you will be entering as students either this year or next year – and recollect watching this video and article showing that China will turn out 20 times more graduates than in the UK and guess what that was 5 years ago!

A more recent article suggests this regarding China and its number of graduates.

7.26 million will graduate from the country’s universities – more than seven times the number 15 years ago

Have I scared you yet? If not one final thing – did you know China has opened its first University devoted to one thing – 3D Printing. Can you believe it this university has opened in Gungzhou and will be turning out graduates very soon.

So my New Years message is an important one – work hard, get the best results possible and realise that you are entering an increasingly competitive world (check out the competitiveness of different design fields here) especially if you go into the wonderful world of design and technology.