Hi all,

Sometimes as students it is easy to get wrapped up in the mundanity of completing the IB Diploma, and attempting to gain the highest score possible in your Design Technology course. I have to get a 7, I must get a 7 and so on…

However of all courses that you have chosen as an option I believe the Design Technology course, very much has higher aspirations as we want to inspire you to go on past the IBDP into the world of design. So here are three more design stories that should hopefully inspire you to enter the wonderful world of design: –

  • What can be more inspiring than a new method to produce water in some of the dryest regions on the planet? So check out how some designers are cloudbusting for water … so ingenious and yet so simple.

  • And now for something completely different – and I love this phrase which says it all and says the kind of person you need to be to be a great designer and design a new  kind of bottle opener“The most admirable thing about design is finding a problem that no one has ever thought of solving, and solving it.”
  • And finally a great example of a designer really thinking about their client in mind to ensure that a problem can be solved that especially in the UK is very high on the political agenda. A simple but effective take on a childrens’  respirator.

As always I hope these have inspired you either as you are leaving the Diploma behind, and make you think what difference you may like to make to the world in the future as a designer.